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Here at First National Bank, we not only serve this community, we live in it too. We take pride in the fact that we have been serving Burke County and its surrounding counties for more than a century! Whether you are looking to buy a new home or you just want to refinance your existing mortgage for equity or rate reasons, let First National Bank handle your mortgage needs.

First National Bank's Home Purchase Process 

We know that purchasing a home will probably be the biggest purchase you’ll ever make and that’s why our experienced loan officers are here for you. Our officers will ask certain questions to narrow down the choices of mortgages that are available, so that they may find the perfect one for you! We want to know your long and short-term goals, the monthly amount you wish to pay, and most importantly, your financial condition. At First National, we want to do all we can for our customers and will do everything in our power to aid you in purchasing your new home!

Serving Waynesboro and Burke County for over 118 years shows our commitment to our community. We get it right the first time with no surprises and no hassles.

Personalized Home Loans 

First National Bank offers a variety of mortgage financing options. Our experienced and knowledgeable loan officers will assist you in deciding which is perfect for your needs.

Fixed-Rate Mortgages

  • There is a fixed rate for the term of the loan
  • The principal and interest payment never changes so it is easy to budget each month
  • There are a variety of terms available
  • This is well suited for those who plan to be in their home for a long period of time and want to have a payoff plan
  • This is ideal for those who are on a fixed income

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

  • There are a variety of different types of adjustable rate mortgages with fixed-interest payments for one to five years depending on your need
  • This allows for lower initial payments which provides you with more disposable income
  • This offers a below-market interest rate, which helps to keep your payment low
  • This is ideal if you plan to sell your home within five years

Government Loans (FHA and VA)

  • These types of loan are insured or guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration or Veterans Administration
  • There is a minimum down payment to free up your cash for other purchases or expenses
  • This allows for relaxed qualifying guidelines
  • Gift allowed for 100% of down payment
  • This is ideal for first-time homebuyers or qualified veterans

Investment Property Loans

  • This is specific to non-owner occupied properties
  • These are mortgage loans for one- to four-unit properties

Call any of the following at 706-554-8100, and we will be more than happy to assist you:

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